Monaco can be very small, but thanks to the Grand Prix Race and superstars who exercise a strong presence there, Monaco became the favourite podium for glamour and luxury.

Casinos, luxury yachts and movie stars, Monaco boasts a highly cultural atmosphere. The Monaco Grand Prix has now been held for 73 years and is one of the most emblematic sport events and attracts visitors coming from around the world to be under the spell and charms of Monaco’s landscape and attractions. And because of all that, it is even more sensational and mythical than San Marino Grand Prix, Monza Grand Prix or British Grand Prix.

The Monaco circuit could really be compared to a snake. Chicane, sharp turns at the end of straight lines where drivers gain speed, a tunnel and a narrow track. In such a labyrinth, drivers must stay focused all the time to be in with a chance in the race. With an average speed of 80km/h, drivers must be skilled and deploy tactical thinking and speed at the right moment. Imagine how stunning and exciting the show must be, especially from your luxury yacht anchored in the very prized Port Hercule where you’ll be assured a front row seat. And remember, under the sun of the perfect Monaco weather yachts matter: the bigger it is, the greater you are! Glamour is for sure ruling in this magical city, which is a part of The French Riviera.