A thousand years ago, the Amalfi Coast held one of the most influential harbours of Europe and was one of the Mediterranean’s major maritime powers. Nowadays, the Amalfi Coast is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage, and owes its worldwide reach and aura to its natural beauty and magical landscape. But what makes a boat rental in Naples it so charming and special? Is it the tormented love story between its land and water? Or is it from man-made achievement? Their garland of villages connected to the sea by vertical paths are bearing the proof of their sweat and tears, their stubbornness and ingenuity to make possible their lives perched on a slope. To the West lies the Sorrento Peninsula, a sort of hilly tongue that ventures to the sea, dives beneath the surface and comes out offshore to form the island of Capri, south of Naples, in the shadows of the legendary Vesuvius.

Naples: Its mythical islands and bay

Naples is the third city of Italy, after Rome and Milan and is an Italian-style theatre which has its admirers. In the heights of Naples stands the gigantic Vesuvius, feared and loved. Loved because of the telluric nature it provides, notably to Ischia. Ischia is 30 kilometres from the city of Naples and offers volcanic thermal waters, hot springs and sand, known and prized for their virtues. From above, Naples bay is incredibly beautiful, a real paradise between land and sea adulated by its inhabitants. The best way to reach it is to go South, by the Amalfi Coast. According to many people, Naples is the most beautiful city in the world and can be described as a huge open-air boiling theatre, with its large windows, its coloured buildings, its Vespas its famous pizza and its street vendors. As fishery is a part of Naples, you should stroll around Marechiaro, a small fishing harbour, typical of the Neapolitan dolce vita and farniente. Naples or Napoli, as they call it, is the splendour of Italy and is known as Queen of the south.

Capri: Natural, Authentic and Jet Set

Capri was once the private paradise of 2 Roman emperors who wanted to keep it to themselves. Can we blame them? Today, Capri is still a swanky haven and is one of the most prized holiday resorts for many showbusiness celebrities, actors and entrepreneurs. Capri is an island that nature and history changed into a tourism star. Stunning and romantic, the seductive isle of Capri has to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Don’t you want to go on a very unique yacht charter and walk in the footsteps of Oscar Wilde, Pablo Neruda, Sophia Loren or Jackie Kennedy, sailing on crystal clear seabed with shades of green, enjoying sea and sun bathing? With its historic harbour, the Marina Grande, Sorrento and its Southern Italian charms is an attractive resort town and the ideal starting point for exploring the stunning Amalfi Coast.

You might want visit the very rocky Positano, a colourful village perched on the hills that achieved to gain few lines written by the hand of John Steinbeck:

“Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone […] In a few days we became aware of Positano’s greatest commodity – characters”


Our Selection of Bareboat Naples

Model Type Of Yacht Prices Pax
Jeanneau Jeanneau 53
Jeanneau 53 monohull From 3105 € 13
Moody Yachts Moody 54DS
Moody 54DS monohull From 9800 € 6
Dufour Yachts Dufour 560
Dufour 560 monohull From 4350 € 12
Hanse Yachts Hanse 545
Hanse 545 monohull From 5200 € 9
Catana Catamaran Bali 5.4
Bali 5.4 catamaran From 8885 € 14
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509
Sun Odyssey 509 monohull From 2890 € 12
Beneteau Oceanis  48
Oceanis 48 monohull From 3970 € 7
Dufour Yachts Dufour 460
Dufour 460 monohull From 3120 € 9
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 450
Lagoon 450 catamaran From 4705 € 11
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44i
Sun Odyssey 44i monohull From 2520 € 8
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Our Selection of Crewed Yacht Naples

Model Type Of Yacht Prices Pax Crew
Custom Schooner SDV 85M
Schooner SDV 85M monohull
54 0
Turkish Gulet - DEL 32M
- DEL 32M monohull From 5000 € 10 4
Maiora Yacht 27M
Yacht 27M monohull From 37500 € 8 4
Turkish Gulet - RSI 24M
- RSI 24M monohull From 11800 € 8 3
Turkish Gulet - 24M
- 24M monohull From 10000 € 12 3
Sunseeker Manhattan 70'
Manhattan 70' monohull From 29000 € 8 2
Riva Vertigo 63
Vertigo 63 monohull From 12500 € 4 2
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 620
Lagoon 620 catamaran From 21000 € 8 2
Fountaine Pajot Eleuthera 60
Eleuthera 60 catamaran From 14900 € 8 3
Beneteau Oceanis  58
Oceanis 58 monohull From 7000 € 6 2
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Our Selection of Luxury Yacht Naples

Name of boat Shipyard Length Prices Crew
Abeking & Rasmussen Yacht 60M
Excellence V Abeking & Rasmussen 60m / 197' From 595000 € 15
Feadship Classic yacht 45M
Secret Life Feadship 45.16m / 148' From 89000 € 10
Heesen Yacht 41M
Seven Sins Heesen 41.3m / 136' From 110000 € 7
Wally Yacht 130'
Angels Share Wally 40m / 131' From 105000 € 5
Sunseeker Yacht 131
Jacozami Sunseeker 40m / 131' From 158000 € 8
Oyster Marine yacht 125'
Twilight Oyster Marine 38.1m / 125' From 100000 € 5
Palmer Johnson Yacht 120'
Vanquish Palmer Johnson 36.5m / 120' From 101500 € 5
Dickie  Yacht 35M
Over The Rainbow Dickie 35m / 115' From 35000 € 5
William Fife  Yacht 105'
Moonbeam IV William Fife 35m / 115' From 45000 € 6
Benetti Classic 35M
India Benetti 35m / 115' From 45000 € 7
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