Several miles of wild coast boasting magnificent sandy beaches, charming villages giving on to a limpid blue sea, and few equipped and animated establishments. Thus stands the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, an ideal place for all sorts of holidays, whether you’re looking to relax or party relentlessly. Boat rental in Calabria offers multiple possibilities, satisfying the most demanding tourists. As it is mountainous, Calabria remained a fairly wild region and among the poorest of Italy. Its coasts are breath-taking and you could stumble on many lovely villages perched inland during your cruise in Italy, meanwhile let’s unveil it together.


According to mythology, Hercules is the founder of Tropea. It is said he had built it as a harbour when he returned from somewhere between Morocco and Spain, where he built the famous “Pillars of Hercules”. Tropea, located in the province of Vibo Valentia, is today a very famous and prized seaside resort on the Tyrrhenian Sea and Italy, displaying the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, an important Franciscan monastery and a Norman cathedral dating back the 12th century. We can’t miss out its historical wealth when we come across its several palaces dating back the 18 th and 19 th century, perched on a hill overlooking the beach. As we move toward Tropea stunning landscapes are offered by the most attractive beaches of the Mediterranean: Capo Vaticano beaches. Alongside 7 kilometres of turquoise blue coastline a dazzling spectacle faces you. No wonder it earned the nickname of “Costa degli Dei” (Coast of the Gods). With a newly built Marina, we can now go from Tropea to the Aeolian island in Sicily, especially the Stromboli volcano, almost always visible from the Southern coast of the Tyrrhenian Calabria. There’s no better choice for a yacht charter to the Aeolian Islands.

Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria is located at the point of the Italian boot and has been subject to many earthquakes, and was rebuilt several times throughout history. That is why few things remain of the old city. Reggio Calabria is close to Sicily and has a population of 185 000 inhabitants. Reggio Calabria is essentially renowned for its archaeological museum dedicated to the Magna Graecia (Great Greece) where two bronze statues of Greek warriors stand. Dating back the 5th century BC, the Riace Warriors aka Bronzi di Riace were found during underwater excavations and are major pieces of ancient Greek sculpture. A part from its National Museum, its famous and proud statues, Reggio di Calabria boasts a wonderful seafront.

Vibo Valentia

La Costa degli Dei or Coast of the Gods extends over 55 km length and is a part of Vibo Valentia. Close to the Aeolian Islands, it is located on the Southern Tyrrhenian coast. Stunning white sandy beaches sheltered by charming little creeks must have earned La Costa degli Dei the nickname “Costa Bella”. Vibo Valentia treats us with the marvellous fishermen town Pizzo Calabro, famous for its exceptional location on the wonderful Santa Eufemia Gulf and its culinary specialities, especially truffles.

Ionian Sea, Ionian Coast

The Ionian Sea is an extension of the Mediterranean Sea and is in the South of the Adriatic Sea. Even if most of the islands belong to Greece, Southern Italy has its share: Sicily, Calabria and the Salento peninsula. The highest volcano of Sicily lies on the Ionian coast and is no other than the famous Etna that holds at its door the so-called Queen of Sicilian sea resorts: Taormina. The Ionian Coast is just perfect for luxury yacht charter in Italy.

Roseto Capo Spulico

In the province of Cosenza, at the North of Spulico, we can see the Castrum Petrae Roseti standing on Capo Spulico and overlooking the magnificent sea. Roseto Capo Spulico was founded in the 10th century and the castle built in the 11th century by a Norman adventurer named Robert Guiscard who wanted to take the Mediterranean beauties: Italy and Sicily. Can we blame him?


Our Selection of Bareboat Calabria

Model Type Of Yacht Prices Pax
Beneteau Beneteau 50
Beneteau 50 monohull From 2940 € 12
Beneteau Oceanis  50
Oceanis 50 monohull From 3120 € 12
Dufour Yachts Dufour 460
Dufour 460 monohull From 3120 € 9
Beneteau Oceanis  45
Oceanis 45 monohull From 3456 € 8
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44i
Sun Odyssey 44i monohull From 2520 € 8
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439
Sun Odyssey 439 monohull From 2320 € 10
Beneteau Cyclades 43
Cyclades 43 monohull From 1945 € 8
Beneteau Oceanis  43
Oceanis 43 monohull From 2640 € 8
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42i
Sun Odyssey 42i monohull From 1945 € 8
Dufour Yachts Dufour 412
Dufour 412 monohull From 2220 € 6
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Our Selection of Crewed Yacht Calabria

Model Type Of Yacht Prices Pax Crew
Turkish Gulet - DEL 32M
- DEL 32M monohull From 5000 € 10 4
Custom Blue Coast 95
Blue Coast 95 catamaran From 65000 € 8 4
Catana Catamaran Custom 90
Custom 90 catamaran From 37000 $ 8 5
CMN Long Range 83'
Long Range 83' monohull From 17000 € 8 2
CNB Sloop 76'
Sloop 76' monohull From 26000 € 6 2
Sunreef Catamaran Supreme 68
Supreme 68 catamaran From 40000 $ 10 4
Custom Catamaran Gunboat 66
Catamaran Gunboat 66 catamaran From 24000 $ 6 2
Alliaura Marine Privilege  Serie 6
Privilege Serie 6 catamaran
8 2
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 620
Lagoon 620 catamaran From 21000 € 8 3
Outremer Catamaran Outremer 5X
Outremer 5X catamaran From 24000 € 6 2
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Our Selection of Luxury Yacht Calabria

Name of boat Shipyard Length Prices Crew
Blohm & Voss Yacht 136M
Savarona Blohm & Voss 136m / 446' From 350000 € 45
Lubecker Flender Yacht 122M
Alexander Lubecker Flender 122m / 400' From 630000 € 50
Petter Yran  Yacht 110M
Seadream Petter Yran 110m / 361' From 460000 € 95
Custom Yacht 99M
Christina O Custom 99.13m / 325' From 560000 € 34
Mitsubishi Yacht 82M
Omega Mitsubishi 82.5m / 271' From 550000 € 30
VT Shipbuilding Sloop 75M
M5 VT Shipbuilding 75.22m / 247' From 400000 € 12
Lamda Yacht 72M
Elegant 007 Lamda 72.5m / 238' From 455000 € 31
Clelands Yacht 59M
Bleu de Nimes Clelands 58.7m / 193' From 250000 € 21
Turkish Gulet - 56M
Regina Turkish Gulet 56m / 184' From 75000 € 7
Proteksan Yacht 55M
Turquoise Proteksan 55.4m / 182' From 308000 € 13
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