How this sparkling stretch of France’s Mediterranean Coast is the 1st class beach break and holiday sailing vacations?
Much loved for its blue seas and blue skies, the French Riviera was the place-to-be for Northern European who wanted to socialize, gamble and escape their bloodless weather and be warmed by the Mediterranean climate. People from all over the world go there, especially from England and America. Overlooking the blue waters of the French Riviera, exceptional landscapes extend between the Italian border and Haute Provence. Monaco, Cannes and Nice are the jewels of the French Riviera and prized destinations for boat rental in the Mediterranean.

Nice, Villefrance and Beaulieu

Situated on the stunning French Riviera, Nice is both Sea and Mountains and has attracted writers, artists, pirates and traders from all over the world. Throughout the centuries, Nice or “Nizza” as it’s called in Italian, was always in the middle of a power struggle between France and Italy. “La Promenade des Anglais”, made of marble, is one of the most attractive places on France’s South Coast. The famous Promenade borders a wonderful Mediterranean gem: “La Baie des Anges”. La Baie des Anges Marina is ideally located between Nice and Antibes and is loved by boaters who ranked it as one of the most stunning vacation resort for their holiday sailing vacations.

Monaco: Boat Rental in the richest city on Earth

Monaco is for sure the most glamorous and seductive place on Earth, and is a part of The French Riviera. Monaco is wedged between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, with the French Riviera to the West and the Italian Riviera to the East. Talk about well-positioned? Known for its extraordinary amounts of wealth and extravagance, it offers stunning views on the Mediterranean. Each year, the winding and twisting streets of Monaco play host to the world’s most famous competition: The Formula1 Monaco Grand Prix. Event that boaters can proudly enjoy from their luxury yachts. Remember, under the warm sun of Monaco, yachts matter: the bigger it is, the greater you are.


Cannes: Queen on Screen of Holiday Sailing Vacations

Since 1939, Cannes is the city of cinema. The Cannes Film Festival took on a world dimension and is the fruit of a divine association between a unique place and all the cinematic magic. People come from everywhere to the scandalous gem of the French Riviera to travel from a real to a surreal universe With its ideal Mediterranean weather, Cannes is one of the famous Queens of holiday sailing vacations, and is prized by boaters who want to treat their luxury yachts with amazing beaches, marine pleasures, and last but not least the prestigious red carpet… Lights! Camera! Action!
Cannes then embodies a 1st class boat rental destination.

Our Selection of Bareboat French Riviera

Model Type Of Yacht Prices Pax
Princess Yachts Princess V 58
Princess V 58 monohull From 19800 € 6
Beneteau Oceanis  54
Oceanis 54 monohull From 4800 € 10
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 52
Lagoon 52 catamaran From 10000 € 12
Hanse Yachts Hanse 505
Hanse 505 monohull From 3030 € 9
Dufour Yachts Dufour 512
Dufour 512 monohull From 5000 € 10
Beneteau Oceanis  48
Oceanis 48 monohull From 4500 € 10
Fountaine Pajot Salina 48
Salina 48 catamaran From 5180 € 11
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 450
Lagoon 450 catamaran From 3300 € 8
Beneteau Oceanis  45
Oceanis 45 monohull From 2200 € 6
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45DS
Sun Odyssey 45DS monohull From 2400 € 8
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Our Selection of Crewed Yacht French Riviera

Model Type Of Yacht Prices Pax Crew
Custom Schooner SDV 85M
Schooner SDV 85M monohull
54 0
Custom Blue Coast 95
Blue Coast 95 catamaran From 65000 € 8 4
CMN Schooner 28M
Schooner 28M monohull From 21300 € 12 3
Sunseeker Manhattan 82
Manhattan 82 monohull From 34000 € 8 3
CMN Long Range 83'
Long Range 83' monohull From 17000 € 8 2
CNB Sloop 76'
Sloop 76' monohull From 26000 € 6 2
Princess Yachts Princess V 70
Princess V 70 monohull From 35000 € 6 1
Sunreef Catamaran Sail 74'
Sail 74' catamaran From 39000 $ 9 3
Custom Sloop 67
Sloop 67 monohull From 17500 € 6 2
Sunseeker Manhattan 70'
Manhattan 70' monohull From 29000 € 8 2
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Our Selection of Luxury Yacht French Riviera

Name of boat Shipyard Length Prices Crew
Fincantieri Liner 142M
Le Boreal Fincantieri 142m / 466'
Blohm & Voss Yacht 136M
Savarona Blohm & Voss 136m / 446' From 350000 € 45
Lubecker Flender Yacht 122M
Alexander Lubecker Flender 122m / 400' From 630000 € 50
Petter Yran  Yacht 110M
Seadream Petter Yran 110m / 361' From 460000 € 95
Custom Yacht 99M
Christina O Custom 99.13m / 325' From 560000 € 34
SFCN Yacht 88m
Le Ponant SFCN 88m / 289' From 200000 € 32
Mitsubishi Yacht 82M
Omega Mitsubishi 82.5m / 271' From 550000 € 30
VT Shipbuilding Sloop 75M
M5 VT Shipbuilding 75.22m / 247' From 400000 € 12
Lamda Yacht 72M
Elegant 007 Lamda 72.5m / 238' From 455000 € 31
Abeking & Rasmussen Yacht 60M
Excellence V Abeking & Rasmussen 60m / 197' From 595000 € 15
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