In the south eastern Aegean, lies a group of fascinating islands called the Dodecanese. The Dodecanese is complex of over 163 islands, of which only 26 are inhabited, situated at the most eastern part of Greece.
The mild climate the sheltered harbours and the natural beauty of this area will make sailing a real pleasure and a splendid experience. During your boat rental in the Dodecanese, as you manoeuvre your yacht fo the return trip and leave behind a white soft path that marks your passage on the sea your heart will still remain in these heaven islands.
You will find here a wonderful blend of architectural styles of cultures. Almost every island has its Classical remains, its Crusaders' Castle, and its traditional villages. The most important are islands for yacht charter in the Dodecanese are Rhodes, Kos, Astipalea, Kalimnos, Karpathos, Kassos, Kastelorizo, Leros, Nissiros, Patmos, Simi and Tilos.

It came into use in 1908 when twelve islands of this group excluding Lipsi, Kos and Rhodes but including an outsider, Ikaria, protested about their deprivation of the special privileges and tax exemptions they had been granted in the XVIth century by the Turks. Like most of the Greek Islands, the Dodecanese are the tops of mountains that stood on the plain of the Aegean long since flooded.

The islands are for the most part bare of vegetation although not to such an extent as the Cyclades. Several of the islands with abundant natural springs, notably Kos and Rhodes, are relatively green and wooded.
In the summer the prevailing wind is the meltemi blowing from the NW-W. It starts fitfully in June, blows strongly in July through to September and again fitfully in October. In the summer months it regularly blows Force 4-6 and may on occasion reach Force 7. It does not blow every day, but may blow without break for 5-10 days. When the meltemi is blowing at full strength in July and August the gusts off the lee side of an island can be considerably stronger than the wind strength in the open sea. Gusts are particularly strong off Patmos, Kalymnos, Kos, Nissyros, Tilos, Karpathos and Astypalea.


Yacht charter in Rhodes

A very popular island, where the influence of the Venetian and Turkish cultures are still apparent on the villages strcture. Sailing around the island, you will find many isolated little coves for swimming with idyllic surroundings. The marina is located at 30 minutes from the Rhodes Airport. The harbour is below the ancient castle and opposite the Market square of Rhodes.
Water and electricity on the mole are free of charge. Refueling is taking place at the mole by a fuel wagon. Within the port there are gift stores, clothing shops, telecommunications, foreign exchange office, car rental office and travel agency. Moreover there are various cafes, taverns and restaurants within walking distance of the ancient town and market square.
Starting point to : Simi, Nissiros, Kos, Tilos, Chalki


Yacht charter in Kos

Part of Greeks ancient history, as this island was the home of the father of medicine, Hippocrates. For those who like old ruins and mythology, Kos id the ideal place. If you prefer a more quiet island, sail and reach Ikaria or Leros.
The most modern Marina in Greece. Kos Marina is really a wonderful Yacht Resort, where a wide array of services make a sailor's stay unforgettable. The marina is located 25 km from the Kos International Airport. Kos international Airport "Hippocrates" offers easy access by direct charter flights from major European cities, or by domestic flights from Athens. Additionally ferries and high speed Ferries connect daily Kos with Athens, Samos and Rhodos.
Fuel Station is located at the fuel dock next to the slipway, which is located next to the marina in the South. In case of south winds refueling is taking place at the entrance of the marina by a fuel wagon. Please refuel your yacht before you go to your berth. Water, electrical supply, telephone, cable tv and battery charger are available on the pier free of charge. Showers and toilets are also available.There is a restaurant and a cafeteria inside the Marina and a number of taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars within walking distance of the harbor.
Starting point to : Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Arki, Kalimnos


Yacht charter in Samos

Busy ports like Karlovassi can be great for you and your family for some shopping. Visit the monument of another genius of science, Pythagoras. If you can, take a tour around the island to see the green fields and visit the small traditional villages. Of course, don't forget to taste the legendary wines of Samos.
The marina and harbour of Pythagorion are located on the south coast of Samos. The ride from the airport is 10 minutes and 15mn from the ferry station. In Pythagorion you will find also a supermarket, bar, bank and restaurant located nearby the port, water and fuel are delivered on the quay.
Starting point to : Furni, Ikaria, Patmos, Lipsi, Agathonissi

Our Selection of Bareboat Kos

Model Type Of Yacht Prices Pax
Bavaria Yachts Bavaria 45 Cruiser
Bavaria 45 Cruiser monohull From 2500 € 8
Beneteau Oceanis  51.1
Oceanis 51.1 monohull From 2445 € 10
Bavaria Yachts Bavaria 37
Bavaria 37 monohull From 1105 € 6
Hanse Yachts Hanse 575
Hanse 575 monohull From 6500 € 9
Bavaria Yachts Bavaria 56 Cruiser
Bavaria 56 Cruiser monohull From 4100 € 11
Bavaria Yachts Bavaria 57
Bavaria 57 monohull From 5000 € 10
Hanse Yachts Hanse 548
Hanse 548 monohull From 5500 € 9
Jeanneau Jeanneau 54
Jeanneau 54 monohull From 5630 € 9
Beneteau Oceanis  54
Oceanis 54 monohull From 3200 € 9
Beneteau Oceanis  50
Oceanis 50 monohull From 3200 € 10
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Our Selection of Crewed Yacht Kos

Model Type Of Yacht Prices Pax Crew
Gianetti Star 64
Star 64 monohull From 11600 € 8 2
Beneteau Beneteau 57
Beneteau 57 monohull From 3900 € 8 1
Turkish Gulet - LP 25M
- LP 25M monohull From 8000 € 12 4
Turkish Gulet - 25M
- 25M monohull From 18000 $ 8 4
Dominator Dominator 680
Dominator 680 monohull From 18900 € 6 2
Ferretti Ferretti 680
Ferretti 680 monohull From 17500 € 8 3
Hanse Yachts Hanse 675
Hanse 675 monohull From 17000 € 6 3
Alu Marine Ketch 21M
Ketch 21M monohull From 14000 € 7 3
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 620
Lagoon 620 catamaran From 17000 € 8 3
Sunreef Catamaran Sail 62'
Sail 62' catamaran From 17000 € 12 3
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Our Selection of Luxury Yacht Kos

Name of boat Shipyard Length Prices Crew
ISA Yacht 62M
Mary Jean II ISA 61.7m / 202' From 310000 € 16
Golden Yachts - 52M
O Neiro Golden Yachts 52.7m / 173' From 155000 € 11
Mondomarine Yacht 49M
Oceanos Mondomarine 49.23m / 162' From 145000 € 11
Intermarine Yacht 42M
Jaan Intermarine 42.12m / 138'
Custom Bugari 100
Project Steel Custom 30.4m / 100' From 40000 € 6
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