Thanks to its sea, its hills, its lakes, its rivers and its vineyards, Rome’s surroundings offer a diversity of attractive landscapes for nature lovers. It is then no coincidence that boat rental in Rome knows fame. Rome is located in central Italy, more precisely in the Lazio Region, on the Tyrrhenian Sea and for that reason it enjoys a Mediterranean climate on the shores and continental in the backcountry. Rome’s coastline extends from North to South, from Fiumicino to Bracciano to Latina. Volcanic lakes of Nemi and Albano characterize the Roman Castles aka “Castelli Romani” and are renowned and prized place of leisure and vacation since ancient times. The port of Civitavecchia is 70 km away from Rome and is where many visitors and boaters end up giving the fact that it runs some important connections to Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, and Barcelona. Civitavecchia or “Ancient Town” features many things to visit: medieval buildings, beautiful piazzas, cathedrals etc.

The Pontine Islands

Right in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, a dozen kilometres away from the Lazio coast stands the Pontine Islands. Of incredible beauty and very well connected, the Pontine Islands are easily reachable. With its small ports and hospitality, the Pontine Islands are loved by fun fans. The Pontine Islands are 6: Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene, Santo Stefano and Ponza (the largest). Ponza boasts a stunning landscape setting of rocks and hills and hides rocky and sandy beaches (such as Chiaia di Luna beach, Lucia Rosa beach, Feola bay, Frontone beach), natural arches and gorgeous romantic coves perfectly fitted for anchorage. Aside from its beaches, the Pontine Islands display a magnificent underwater wildlife spectacle very much appreciated by divers. While preserving the sea, nature and landscapes, the Pontine Islands meet the demands and desires of visitors and sea lovers wishing to spend ideal holiday sailing vacations in the Mediterranean.

Netunno Marina: The Biggest Marina of Italy

Nettuno is a town in the province of Rome in the Lazio Region, on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Nettuno is about 60 kilometres south Rome. Named after the Roman god Neptune, it is today a famous resort city, in the Mediterranean Sea. With up to 850 berths, the Marina of Nettuno is the biggest Marina of Italy and a major meeting point for the Italian sea lovers and regattas’ fans. Very well equipped and having all the required resources, Nettuno is the promise of a perfect start for a yacht charter in Rome

Our Selection of Bareboat Rome

Model Type Of Yacht Prices Pax
Moody Yachts Moody 54DS
Moody 54DS monohull From 9800 € 6
Elan Yachts Elan 410
Elan 410 monohull From 2400 € 6
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Our Selection of Crewed Yacht Rome

Model Type Of Yacht Prices Pax Crew
Custom Schooner SDV 85M
Schooner SDV 85M monohull
54 0
Turkish Gulet - DEL 32M
- DEL 32M monohull From 5000 € 10 4
Maiora Yacht 27M
Yacht 27M monohull From 37500 € 8 4
Garcia Yachting Garcia 70
Garcia 70 monohull From 15200 € 7 2
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 620
Lagoon 620 catamaran From 24000 € 10 3
Alliaura Marine Privilege  585
Privilege 585 catamaran From 9900 € 8 2
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 500
Lagoon 500 catamaran From 6900 € 10 1
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Our Selection of Luxury Yacht Rome

Name of boat Shipyard Length Prices Crew
Abeking & Rasmussen Yacht 60M
Excellence V Abeking & Rasmussen 60m / 197' From 595000 € 15
Trinity Yacht 58M
Mi Sueno Trinity 57.9m / 190' From 280000 € 11
Heesen Yacht 41M
Seven Sins Heesen 41.3m / 136' From 110000 € 7
Wally Yacht 130'
Angels Share Wally 40m / 131' From 105000 € 5
Palmer Johnson Yacht 120'
Vanquish Palmer Johnson 36.5m / 120' From 101500 € 5
ISA Yacht 36M
Firouzeh ISA 36.45m / 120' From 90000 € 6
Dickie  Yacht 35M
Over The Rainbow Dickie 35m / 115' From 35000 € 5
William Fife  Yacht 105'
Moonbeam IV William Fife 35m / 115' From 45000 € 6
Benetti Classic 35M
India Benetti 35m / 115' From 45000 € 7
Leopard Yachts Leopard 34M
KOJI Leopard Yachts 34.11m / 112' From 85000 € 5
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